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NOTE: We will be updating the OptiCare website in the coming months. Functionality will remain the same, but we will have a new appearance. Look for the new version coming soon!

OptiCare’s online Provider Locator is developed using information from providers that have contracted directly with OptiCare. Please note that every provider panel OptiCare develops is different by health plan including OptiCare’s own employer direct product.   Therefore, it is very important to select the right health plan or OptiCare’s own employer direct product name in your search when locating a provider. Because OptiCare’s Provider Locator is constantly being updated, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or currency of our information at the time of your search.

To confirm that a provider is a current participant in the provider network or if the provider you are looking for is not listed online, please contact OptiCare’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-840-7032 for assistance. It is always a good practice to ask your provider at the time you schedule your appointment to verify if they participate with OptiCare either through your health plan coverage or through OptiCare employer direct product which ever coverage you are covered under.